Core Conversion LIVE

On Monday, February 25th, we’ll be LIVE on our newly updated systems!  We’ve been working very hard over the last year to bring you the best-of-the-best… because you’re worth it!  We chose a great system that will meet our needs now, and well into the future.
There’s a lot to be excited about; here are some new features to look for:
Online Banking (desktop version)
- Completely upgraded interface with a simpler login process
- Financial management tools for budgeting and trends
- Enhanced alerts
- Instant access to accounts after enrollment
Mobile Banking
- Ability to enroll and manage account without visiting the desktop site
- View eStatements and check images
- Financial management tools for budgeting and trends
- Real-time remote check deposit
Debit Cards
- All new debit cards issued, with enhanced features
- Ability to set your own PIN
- Instant-issued cards available for lost, stolen, or damaged cards
These are big changes and we know there will be questions.  That’s why, we’ll have extended phone hours, now through Sunday, March 3rd.  You can call us from 8:00am to 10:00pm and get help from one of the knowledgeable people on our team.  We’ve also introduced a chat feature on our website, which will be staffed during those extended hours!
We truly appreciate your patience during this process! We’re very excited about the opportunities this system upgrade gives us and we hope you take advantage of all of the new features!  As always, thank you for choosing, and continuing to choose, Glenwood State Bank!
By: Peter Nelson, President