Why .BANK?

At Glenwood State Bank, we're committed to protecting your finances!  Because of this, we've migrated to a new website domain:




Though that doesn't roll off the tongue like .COM does, it's actually much more secure because .BANK's are verified by regulatory agencies (unlike .COM's). 

We know it will take some getting used to but your security is our top priority!



What makes .BANK different?

.BANK is a trusted, verified, more secure domain for financial institutions, like us!  It's created and managed by banking and security experts and provides a solid foundation for us to securely and effectively communicate with our customers.  It also ensures secure access to your Online Banking services, which is crucial.


To acquire a .BANK domain, we had to submit various applications and forms of identification to prove we were a legitimate bank; .BANK domains are ONLY given to verified members of the banking industry (anyone can acquire a .COM).  To maintain a .BANK domain, we are also required to meet robust security practices and technologies. 



How does .BANK affect me?

We migrated to .BANK for you!  Not only is our online security more robust than ever, a .BANK domain also greatly reduces the chances of our website being spoofed.  Spoofed websites commonly imitate the sites of banks, and other official businesses, in order to fraudulently collect sensitive information from users.  Commonly, a spoofed website will replicate logos, text, and design elements to trick people into thinking it's the trusted site; users may not recognize the difference and could, essentially, hand their data over to fraudsters.


Since all .BANK domains must be verified by regulatory agencies, fraudsters shouldn't be able to acquire and use .BANK to trick users.  .COM's, however, can be acquired by anyone at any time; there is NO regulation over this domain.



What can I do to embrace .BANK?

  • Update your saved bookmark to reflect .BANK
  • Type the .BANK domain in your web browser when you visit us online
  • Use the .BANK domain when you contact our staff via email (example: name@glenwoodstate.bank)