Glenwood State Bank honored at luncheon

Published on October 28, 2019 in the Pope County Tribune


Glenwood State Bank was honored at the annual Salute to Business award luncheon last Thursday at Lakeside Ballroom.


The event, sponsored by the Glenwood Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce, recognizes a local business or industry for its impact on the community. 


Glenwood State Bank, a locally-owned bank has a rich history in Glenwood since its first day of business on May 11, 1907.  Peter Nelson, president of Glenwood State Bank, along with family members and employees accepted the award. The annual luncheon attracted more than 80, including former award recipients, local government officials and representatives of local organizations and businesses.


After the award was presented by Stephanie Hall, past president of the chamber, the audience watched a 15-minute video featuring the Martinson and Nelson family members and a number of bank employees talking about the bank’s history as well as its current mission and values.  The family-owned and locally owned community bank stated it’s purpose: “We aim to be the premier community bank, positively impacting our customers, employees and communities through Christian principles.”


Salute to Business & Industry - Peter Nelson

In the video, produced by Jordan McMahon, the marketing manager at Glenwood State Bank, employees and owners talked about the bank’s values, which featured commitment, diversity, balance, compassion and virtue.  (Watch the video here!)


After the video, Peter Nelson talked about the importance of a locally-owned bank and how important the bank’s employees are to the bank’s success and to the local community.  Currently, the bank employs 74 people, with approximately 50 of them at the Glenwood location.  Besides Glenwood, the bank is in Lowry, Villard and Alexandria.


Nelson said he had talked to just 10 employees on the morning of the luncheon and asked them to tell him which local organizations they they currently serve, “and I got a list of more than 30 organizations.”


“That’s local people investing their time and talent into the community and that’s just 10 employees and one business,” he said.  “Think of the impact that all local businesses have on this community.”


He said he appreciated the award and said the credit for the bank’s continued success goes to the bank’s employees.  Glenwood State Bank, he said, hires people for their values rather than just a resume.  “We hire the heart and train the brain,” he said.


He also said that the bank spends a lot of time/money on training.  Some question spending so much on training, especially if that trained employee leaves.  “I say what if we don’t train them and they stay.  “That’s much worse,” he added.

He said the bank’s family-owned operation also means a stable, more united atmosphere for employees, especially on the bank’s values and vision.  “And that really matters,” he said.  


The family-owned aspect of the business is important to the succession and cultural atmosphere at the bank.  “Our plan means we’ve agreed to keewp bank stocks in the family, therefore, we can provide our customers with consistency and stability,” Nelson explained in a story published before the luncheon.  “The family ownership is stable, committed to the community, and is 100 percent local,” Nelson explained.


Past local businesses, industries honored with the award

Past businesses and industries honored are: Pope County Tribune and Starbuck Times, GrandStay Hotel & Suites, Glacial Ridge Health System, Lakeside, Minnewaska Area Schools, Kruger Farms, Marthaler Chevrolet, Midwest Machinery, Kadejan Market, Thawzall, Inc., Tanis Aircraft Products/Glenwood Airport, Massman Automation Designs, LLC, Lowry Manufacturing Co., Prairie Lakes Co-Op (CHS), Tanis Aircraft, CF Industries, Inc., Material Handling Components, Inc., Canadian Pacific Railway, American Solutions for Business, Dairyland Healthcare Solutions (Healthland), Dealer’s Livestock, Clyde Machines, Inc., R/C Machining, Bodeker Machining, and WASP-Watkins Aircraft Support Products (FAST Global Solutions).


By: Tim Douglass